In the course of my career, I’ve written lots of advertorials and marketing copy.


I wrote a series of blogs for a Benecol campaign on, with a healthy living brief, in the persona of Pat…
‘And another thing…’
Pat worries she’s becoming a grumpy old woman

Clickety click’
Pat takes up knitting in a social setting

Commercial crafting logo
scotchtape cardScotch Advanced Tape Glider Kit advertorial

For this brief, I designed and made the craft project, a wedding invitation, using the Scotch Advanced Tape Glider Kit, and directed the photo shoot for the step-by-step pix. I also wrote the instructions for how to make the card.

See the advertorial PDF logo

Cadbury Egg 'n' SpoonCadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon packaging project

The brief was to originate upmarket craft projects to make using the Egg ‘n’ Spoon packaging. I designed, created and wrote instructions for the following ideas (working with an egg box), which weren’t used in the final selection.

Easter petalled flower croppedEaster trumpet flower cropped

Easter bunny cropped


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