Food and drink

I love eating out, regional specialities, cooking and devising new recipes. From May 2018 until December 2019 I was a regular contributor, writing reviews of bars and restaurants, in a small team for Need to Know Club, a subscriber website of recommendations from experienced travel writers (now closed).
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The best London afternoon teas | Culture Whisper, 2021

If you’re a seasoned taker of afternoon tea, chances are that you’ve tasted cucumber sandwiches and slices of Victoria sponge aplenty at London’s traditional tearooms. Tuck in to afternoon tea with a twist at London’s best fun, fashionable and fanciful teatime treats to while away the afternoon… read more

10 best reusable produce bags | The Independent, 2020
Many of us are now used to bringing our reusable shopping bags to the supermarket, but we still put loose fruit and vegetables into single-use plastic bags – a lot of them: the 10 leading supermarkets produce 1.2 billion a year… read more

10 best low-alcohol beers | The Independent, 2019
Live life on the mild side with a tipple that’s low on ABV but high on flavour… read more

10 best alcohol-free beers | The Independent, 2019
Not drinking this January – or beyond? Don’t miss out on that ice cold beer with this (virtually) booze-free selection… read more

Elderflower: where to find it, how to harvest, and what recipes to try | Country Living, 2019
Help yourself to this hedgerow harvest… read more

Raise your glass… | Yours Retro, 2017
Next time you see a familiar bottle on the supermarket shelves or behind the bar, think about the history of your drink. These best-loved beverages have quenched our thirst for a long, long time… read more

We love to eat… | The Guardian, 2017
Grandma’s egg-mashed-up-in-a-cup-with-butter… read more

How to do dry January | Saga, 2017
Make an alcohol-free month easier with our ideas to help you feel the benefits of being booze-free… read more

Best places to drink tea in London | Londonist, 2016
These are the best tea bars, tea rooms and cafes in London in which to enjoy a mighty fine cup of tea. Whether your taste for tea is heritage or hipster, a decent brew is always just around the corner in the capital… read more

Family-friendly pubs in south London | Londonist, 2016
The best pubs south of the river where you and the kids can spend a happy hour or two… read more

Family-friendly pubs in north London | Londonist, 2016
Here’s our guide to north London’s best family-friendly pubs, to help you plan some family time… read more

London’s best afternoon teas for kids | Londonist, 2016
Bite-sized delicacies, crustless sarnies, finger food and sweet treats; and all on a child-friendly timetable. There are loads of reasons afternoon tea really suits children: why not treat your youngsters to one of these top offerings in London?… read more

Can chocolate ever be good for you? | Netdoctor, 2016
Britain spends over £3bn on chocolate a year. But it’s not all self-indulgence – chocolate has positive effects on your brain, heart, mood… read more

Making it through the menopause, one drink at a time… | That’s Not My Age, 2016
Enjoying a drink with an old friend, we couldn’t help but mention the differing affect alcohol has on the body during menopause. Our main concern being: is it possible to carry on drinking without things turning into a Hot Flush Fest?… read more

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