Health and wellbeing

Some examples of my health writing, covering subjects such as healthy eating, self-help, and the menopause, for titles including Hearst Magazines’, Prima, Saga, Netdoctor, Here’s Health, Mother & Baby and Made for Mums. Click on a link for the web page or PDF.

Finding new friends in midlife | That’s Not My Age, 2022
Out on a first date once, I knew there wouldn’t be a second when the seemingly nice man opposite me said, ‘I think friends are overrated, don’t you?’… 

Turns out laughter really is the best medicine | That’s Not My Age, 2021

Guffawing and snorting, wiping tears from your eyes and snot from your nose… carrying on cackling for so long your jaw and cheeks hurt… having a proper laugh makes us feel good… read more

Why we should drink more water (all year round) | That’s Not My Age, 2021
At birth, we are about 78% water; by the time we reach adulthood this has fallen to 55% (women) and 60% (men). Other side-effects of ageing also affect how we use, and lose, water… read more

In praise of profanities: why swearing might actually be good for you | That’s Not My Age, 2021
As a habitual swearer, I might be biased, but apparently intelligent people are more likely to do it, and it indicates linguistic fluency, rather than a limited vocabulary… read more

Have you lost it? Low libido and what to do about it | That’s Not My Age, 2021
Sexual desire may decrease as we get older, but it doesn’t have to be a problem… read more

How to get a better night’s sleep | That’s Not My Age, 2021
How have you been sleeping over the past year? Background anxiety caused by the global pandemic, with its changes to routines, stress and potential decrease in activity, has meant more of us suffering insomnia, with a rise in online searches for sleep help… read more

Say bye-bye to feeling dry: what you need to know about vaginal dryness | That’s Not My Age, 2021
Your vagina can look after itself most of the time. It doesn’t need special washing products, nor Gwyneth-Paltrow-style steaming, herbal detox pellets, tightening sticks or ‘vagacials’. It’s self-cleaning, and self-pH-regulating. However, there is one area that it sometimes needs help with… read more

How to make the most of a Covid winter | That’s Not My Age, 2020
We were lucky with the weather, we all agreed, in spring and summer; blue sky and warm sunshine taking the edge off Covid anxiety, and encouraging us to spend time outdoors… read more

Are you D-ficient? (Why we need vitamin D) | That’s Not My Age, 2020
At this time of year – and in the midst of the pandemic – we all need to think about our levels of vitamin D. We know vitamin D as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, and that our bodies manufacture it after exposure to sunlight – the only vitamin that we don’t get solely from food.… read more

Get off your backside! Why we should all sit less and move more | That’s Not My Age, 2020
‘Never stand up when you can sit down, and never sit down when you can lie down,’ said Winston Churchill, who attributed his success in life to conserving his energy… read more

When you gotta go… (tips for dealing with urinary incontinence) | That’s Not My Age, 2020
Do you leak when you laugh? Or when you lift something heavy? Does the idea of getting on a trampoline strike terror? Up to one in three women will experience urinary incontinence… read more

The health benefits of masturbation – time for some self-care | Silver magazine, 2020
What better time to roll up your sleeves and show yourself some self-love? Firstly, it’s good for you. And as of today, new coronavirus guidelines mean that having sex with anyone you don’t already live with is illegal. Honestly, if you want a job doing… read more

The health benefits of houseplants That’s Not My Age, 2019
The recent growth in popularity of houseplants is proof of the cyclical nature of trends; all those succulent-strewn Insta posts remind me of growing up in the 1970s… read more

What is CBD oil, and what does it do for you? | Saga, 2019
With health claims for relieving pain and anxiety, is it time to take a look at this cannabis extract?… read more

New views on dying – and a visit to a Death Café | That’s Not My Age, 2019
A guest-blog on contemporary ways of talking about death for this successful style blog… read more

The art of wellbeing | Saga, 2019
Seeing an exhibition has benefits that reach far further than the visual stimulation of looking at artworks… read more

See a show – it’s good for you | Saga, 2019
Watching shows and musicals is a great way to raise your heart beat without ever leaving your seat, say scientists… read more

Jumping on the menopause bandwagon – do we really need hot-flush-proof clothes? |That’s Not My Age, 2018
Menopause symptoms are enough to make any woman reach out in desperation for something that will help… read more

Travel sickness remedies | Saga, 2017
If you suffer motion sickness when travelling, take a look at our round-up of self-help and remedies… read more

How to beat mosquito bites | Saga, 2017
Prevent the irritating itch – and health risks – of mosquito bites, with our round-up of repellents and self-help… read more

How to do dry January | Saga, 2017
Make an alcohol-free month easier with our ideas to help you feel the benefits of being booze-free… read more

Singing for your wellbeing | Saga, 2017
Belonging to a singing group is good for body and soul – here’s why, and how to find one – even if you think you can’t sing!… read more

Making it through the menopause, one drink at a time… | That’s Not My Age, 2016
Enjoying a drink with an old friend, we couldn’t help but mention the differing affect alcohol has on the body during menopause. Our main concern being: is it possible to carry on drinking without things turning into a Hot Flush Fest?… read more

Can chocolate ever be good for you? | Netdoctor, 2016
Britain spends over £3bn on chocolate a year. But it’s not all self-indulgence – chocolate has positive effects on your brain, heart, mood… read more

Make party shoes less painful | Netdoctor, 2016
Here’s the lowdown to keeping your feet happy in high heels… read more

Boost your brain power with chocolate | Saga, 2016
It sounds too good to be true but eating chocolate needn’t be a guilty pleasure. Learn more about how chocolate can help boost memory and cognition… read more

How to stay cool, calm and collected during the menopause | Netdoctor, 2016
Now there’s no need to just “put up” with the discomfort of hot flushes… read more
• This was syndicated to Good Housekeeping

How to beat blisters | Saga, 2016
Blisters are a pain often associated with summer sandals. But they’re not inevitable – here’s how to avoid them… read more

Everything you need to know about vaginal lubricants | Netdoctor, 2016
Common causes of vaginal dryness and the best sex lubes for the job… read more

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