Health and wellbeing

Some examples of my health writing, covering subjects such as healthy eating, self-help, and the menopause, for titles including Hearst Magazines’, Prima, Saga, Netdoctor, Here’s Health, Mother & Baby and Made for Mums. Click on a link for the web page or PDF.

The health benefits of masturbation – time for some self-care | Silver magazine, 2020
What better time to roll up your sleeves and show yourself some self-love? Firstly, it’s good for you. And as of today, new coronavirus guidelines mean that having sex with anyone you don’t already live with is illegal. Honestly, if you want a job doing… read more

The health benefits of houseplants That’s Not My Age, 2019
The recent growth in popularity of houseplants is proof of the cyclical nature of trends; all those succulent-strewn Insta posts remind me of growing up in the 1970s… read more

What is CBD oil, and what does it do for you? | Saga, 2019
With health claims for relieving pain and anxiety, is it time to take a look at this cannabis extract?… read more

New views on dying – and a visit to a Death Café | That’s Not My Age, 2019
A guest-blog on contemporary ways of talking about death for this successful style blog… read more

The art of wellbeing | Saga, 2019
Seeing an exhibition has benefits that reach far further than the visual stimulation of looking at artworks… read more

See a show – it’s good for you | Saga, 2019
Watching shows and musicals is a great way to raise your heart beat without ever leaving your seat, say scientists… read more

Jumping on the menopause bandwagon – do we really need hot-flush-proof clothes? |That’s Not My Age, 2018
Menopause symptoms are enough to make any woman reach out in desperation for something that will help… read more

Travel sickness remedies | Saga, 2017
If you suffer motion sickness when travelling, take a look at our round-up of self-help and remedies… read more

How to beat mosquito bites | Saga, 2017
Prevent the irritating itch – and health risks – of mosquito bites, with our round-up of repellents and self-help… read more

How to do dry January | Saga, 2017
Make an alcohol-free month easier with our ideas to help you feel the benefits of being booze-free… read more

Singing for your wellbeing | Saga, 2017
Belonging to a singing group is good for body and soul – here’s why, and how to find one – even if you think you can’t sing!… read more

Making it through the menopause, one drink at a time… | That’s Not My Age, 2016
Enjoying a drink with an old friend, we couldn’t help but mention the differing affect alcohol has on the body during menopause. Our main concern being: is it possible to carry on drinking without things turning into a Hot Flush Fest?… read more

Can chocolate ever be good for you? | Netdoctor, 2016
Britain spends over £3bn on chocolate a year. But it’s not all self-indulgence – chocolate has positive effects on your brain, heart, mood… read more

Make party shoes less painful | Netdoctor, 2016
Here’s the lowdown to keeping your feet happy in high heels… read more

Boost your brain power with chocolate | Saga, 2016
It sounds too good to be true but eating chocolate needn’t be a guilty pleasure. Learn more about how chocolate can help boost memory and cognition… read more

How to stay cool, calm and collected during the menopause | Netdoctor, 2016
Now there’s no need to just “put up” with the discomfort of hot flushes… read more
• This was syndicated to Good Housekeeping

How to beat blisters | Saga, 2016
Blisters are a pain often associated with summer sandals. But they’re not inevitable – here’s how to avoid them… read more

Everything you need to know about vaginal lubricants | Netdoctor, 2016
Common causes of vaginal dryness and the best sex lubes for the job… read more

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