As a crafter, I appreciate the need for clear, concise instructions for creative projects, so that’s how I write instructions! Here are just a few of the step-by-step how-to’s, guides and round-ups I’ve written for Prima, Saga and The Lady. At Hearst Magazines’ I was craft editor for seven years; commissioning, editing and writing. 

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Craftivism: using creative energy to make a difference | That’s Not My Age, 2021
Stereotypically seen by the ignorant as a pastime for meek old ladies, crafting has a radical side: everything from sweary sewing to campaigning crafting (aka craftivism: ‘craft’ + ‘activism’).… read more

Introducing furoshiki: the eco-friendly way to wrap gifts | That’s Not My Age, 2020
My grandma felt the waste of ‘all this pretty paper’ and when unwrapping Christmas and birthday presents she would smooth it out and fold it up to reuse, while the rest of the family laughed. But now we’re all reusing, reducing and recycling… read more

18 of the best knitting kits for beginners  | Prima, 2020
Want to learn how to knit? These fabulous knitting kits are all you need to get started… read more
Updated version of my 2016 original, with additional content

9 easy-to-follow knitting projects for beginners | Prima, 2019
Just learnt to knit? Be inspired to put your new skill into practice with these super-easy makes… read more
Updated version of my 2016 original

Threads of Life: a History of the world through the Eye of a Needle | That’s Not My Age, 2019
Whatever our take on fashion, fundamentally we all have a connection with clothes because we all wear them. Sewing literally touches our daily lives. But it’s about more than fashion… read more

Handmade gift ideas | Saga, 2017
Giving a handmade present shows you’ve invested time and effort. These ideas are simple and inexpensive to make, with a wide appeal… read more

Easy Christmas decorations to make| Saga, 2017
Add a homemade touch to your Christmas tree and home with these natural craft ideas that are rich in the sweet, spicy scents of the season… read more

Making art from your travels | The Lady, 2017
Preserve your holiday memories by turning maps into handmade souvenirs… read more

New to knitting? Here’s what you need to get started | Saga, 2017
Find out about the key bits of kit you need when you first take up knitting… read more

How to knit a snood | Saga, 2017
There’s no pattern needed for a quick-to-knit snuggly snood or a cosy cowl, for yourself or someone else… read more

Transforming tealights | Saga, 2016
Add a little hygge to your home, with twinkling tealight ideas, for inside and out… read more

Seven benefits of knitting | Saga, 2016
Clicking away with a pair of needles and some yarn has benefits that go well beyond something new to wear. Find out about the health and social benefits of knitting… read more

How to press flowers | Saga, 2016
Find out how to press flowers to preserve beautiful spring colour for use in cardmaking and other craft projects… read more

Christmas papercraft for children | Saga, 2016
Homemade Christmas decorations created from paper are stylishly simple, easy enough for kids to make (and they’re purse-friendly too!)… read more

Autumn leaf crafts | Saga, 2016
Crafty and arty projects for children to do with autumn leaves… read more

Hauntingly good Halloween decorations| Saga, 2017
Fun ideas to decorate the house and dining table this Halloween… read more

Halloween pumpkin carving and decorating | Saga, 2016
Find out how to carve a Halloween pumpkin jack-o’-lantern, plus knife-free ideas for decorating them so even young children can have a go… read more

9 inspiring craft ideas from the best craft blogs  | Prima, 2016
The blogosphere is where you’ll find innovative creativity in the world of crafts, with tutorials and tips on all kinds of crafting. We’ve rounded up our pick of the best craft blogs around to inspire your own craft ideas and handiwork… read more

5 genius ways to knit without wool | Prima, 2016
Get your knitting needles at the ready to tackle the new trend for alternative yarns made from carrier bags, old T-shirts and even gardening string… read more

Where to find free baby knitting patterns | Saga, 2016
We share some of the best free baby knitting patterns around, including patterns for hats, cardigans, toys and more… read more

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