Christmas colouring-in gifts


Colouring-in is a popular creative hobby, and if someone you know is keen on keeping within the lines, here are some ideas for perfect presents.

Giant pencil sharpener pen pot

Giant sharpener for storing pens and pencils, £17, Bloomsbury Store



Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker

Revolutionary Pigment Marker pens by Winsor & Newton come in 100 colours, using fine art pigments, plus the unique White Blender pen which lets you blend colours like paint. Pigment Markers, £4.95 each from Cass Art

Rebecca Vorperian Tweed Pencil Case


Sturdy storage in traditional tweed. Rebecca Vorperian handmade tweed pencil case, £14, Royal Academy


OMY Design & Play collaring-in posterWork on the wall with giant colouring posters for adults by OMY Design & Play, £9.90 each from



Sketch & Sniff pencilsAdd an extra dimension with scented Sketch & Sniff pencils, including peach, watermelon and coconut scent, £9 a set from the Royal Academy






Craft, Work

hand holding coloured pencilsGrab your pencils, and get creative – with colouring in

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Woman reading, with knittingBest beginners’ knitting books

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 Buy fab bird-print fabricsMcCulloch and Wallis Bird Print poplin - Buy fab bird-print fabrics logo





Ribbon-tied pebble tablecloth weightPick up a pebble

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