Turn Christmas cards into Christmas baubles

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.15.44Use up your old greetings cards by turning them into these beautiful decorations to hang on your Christmas tree.

You will need

• old Christmas cards
• jar
• pencil
• ruler
• scissors
• paper glue
• needle
• thin ribbon or string

On the cards, trace around the base of a jar to draw 21 equal-sized circles. Cut them out.

On one of the circles, draw an equilateral triangle, ensuring each point touches the circle’s edge, and cut out.

Use this triangle as a template and trace onto the back of the rest of the circles. Fold along all lines.

Glue the flaps of five of the circles together (meeting at a central point) to form the top of the bauble. Repeat to form the bottom of the bauble.

Glue the remaining 10 circles together so that they form a long line, then glue the ends together – this will be the bauble’s middle ring.

Glue the top and bottom to the middle ring. Pierce the bauble with a needle and thread through a thin ribbon or string.

A version of this project originally appeared on Allaboutyou.com, from Country Living


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