Head for the hypermarché

AuchanboulognemapAuchan (Mon-Sat, 8.30am-10pm) is a 10-minute drive from Boulogne – take route nationale 42, follow the signs for St Omer and turn off when ‘centre commerciale’ is signposted.

It’s staggering in its size and breadth of product ranges: TVs, toys, slippers, fishing tackle, bedlinen and homewares, shoes, suitcases, pushchairs…

It’s generally recognised as the cheapest French supermarket. Handily, the cheapest of a given product is labelled ‘le moins cher’ (the least expensive) which saves time if you’re after a bargain.

There’s a special ‘heart of our region’ section, with local produce that found its way into our trolley. Staff are very keen for you to try before you buy, and we were offered cheese, kippers, strawberries, wine… along the aisles. We were impressed with the cosmetics section, which had organic and upmarket stuff, like Weleda.

Don’t miss ‘Save money on crossing the Channel’ and ‘Show us the savings’



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