How much do you know about Brazil?


How much do you know about Brazil, host of the 2016 Olympics?

Photo: Gabriel Heusi/

Take this fun quiz to find out

1. A Brazilian is…
a. A form of bikini wax
b. A person from Brazil
c. A hair-straightening treatment
d. All of these

2. What’s the capital of Brazil?
a. Salvador
b. Rio de Janeiro
c. Brasilia
d. São Paulo

3. What is the motto on the Brazilian flag?
a. Ordem e progresso
b. Vamos ganhar
c. Hino Nacional Brasileiro
d. Samba!

4. And what does the motto on the Brazilian flag mean?
a. We will win
b. Brazilian National Anthem
c. Dance!
d. Order and progress

5. Brazil is a big country – but how big?
a. World’s tenth largest
b. World’s fifth largest
c. World’s second largest
d. World’s eleventh largest

6. When does the famous Carnival take place?
a. Mid-July
b. Just before Lent
c. On Brazil’s national day
d. Every month

7. In Brazil, it’s illegal to…?
a. Drive with the car windows open
b. Wear anything other than a bikini on the beach
c. Cut down a Brazil nut tree
d. Eat in the street

8. The biggest exporter of Brazil nuts is…?
a. Brazil
b. Bolivia
c. Netherlands
d. South Africa


And the answers…

2-c Brasilia was founded in 1960 to be Brazil’s capital.
6-b The term ‘carnival’ comes from ‘carnelevare’: ‘to remove (literally, ‘raise’) meat, referring to the Christian practice of abstaining from meat during Lent.



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